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Ghost to Falco is the project of Eric Crespo.  Membership is fluid, but he is the constant.  The first Ghost to Falco live concert took place in 2001 as part of a cross country tour/moving trip between North Carolina and Portland, OR.

The fourth full length album, Soft Shield, was released on vinyl by the Italian label, Fooltribe, in the fall of 2013. The U.S. release of Soft Shield is April 8th, 2014.

Ghost to Falco has toured all over the United States and Europe multiple times and continues to do so.
If you would like to get in touch about booking or anything else please write to ghosttofalco(((at))) hotmail {{{dot}}} com




Long As I Can See the Light
Inside Ghost to Falco’s Blanket Fort
by Ned Lannamann

“ERIC CRESPO invites me into the workspace where he tinkers on the music he records and performs under the name Ghost to Falco. He describes it as a “glorified blanket fort,” and that’s not far off—it’s tucked in the back half of his neighbor’s garage, where they generously let him hang out for free. Crespo’s lined the walls and ceiling with discarded cushions from church pews, and filled it up with assorted instruments and gear. There’s a soft rain outside, and the hideout is cozy and meditatively quiet.

“I’m not really the kind of musician who plays in other people’s bands,” Crespo says. “I don’t really know enough about music, truthfully, to have the chops to do it. I know how to write my own stuff. But being a ‘musician’ doesn’t really interest me. Like, playing in a symphony, or playing covers—I don’t care about that stuff at all. I kind of like just making up songs. That’s where I get joy from music, from making up my own weird stuff.”

Crespo has finished the fourth Ghost to Falco album, Soft Shield, which was recorded with a revolving door of friends and musicians at various high-end studios around Portland—the antithesis of the solitude found in his blanket fort. It was a long process, both the recording and mixing. “I would just throw money away in the end,” he admits, “because I wouldn’t be happy with it, and I wanted it to sound a certain way. I’m never going to make another record like that, that’s for sure. I think I want to do the next one myself.”

What Crespo’s made with Soft Shield, though, is an album of startling invention and almost geologic beauty. Having begun Ghost to Falco as a loop-based one-man band, he’s asked many musicians to join its ranks over the past decade or so. Soft Shield makes use of their talents, as Crespo’s abstract but deliberate songs provide the intense, bright flame at the center. That’s Aan’s Bud Wilson playing drums; his Aan bandmate Reese Lawhon takes turns with Ohioan’s Ryne Warner on bass, and other contributors include Heather Woods Broderick, Erik Clampitt, and Wooden Indian Burial Ground’s Justin Fowler. (The current live lineup for Ghost to Falco includes Dana Valatka of AU on drums and Andrew Endres on bass; Soft Shield’s release show this Friday will include a number of other guests as well.)

Ghost to Falco effectively began in 2001, when Crespo made the move from North Carolina to Portland. He’d played in bands before, but ultimately wanted to try something completely on his own. “About the time I’d decided to move, I went to see Unwound and Thrones,” he says. “I’d never seen Thrones before, and I was like, ‘Whoa, here’s a guy doing a thing alone—oh shit!’ I didn’t know whether to be disappointed or excited. But then I thought, ‘Maybe I’m on the right track.’

“I booked five shows moving from North Carolina to Portland, and those were the first five Ghost to Falco shows. I didn’t know how it was going to go, so I didn’t want to play a show where I actually lived—in case it was a complete failure, and then I wouldn’t ever have to do it again. I could just be anonymous on the road.”

Once in Portland, Crespo found a welcoming music community, and Ghost to Falco took many shapes over the years. For a while, Crespo avoided music with fixed rhythms altogether. “I felt like I totally destroyed that part of my ingrained nature, to want beats,” he says. “Then at some point, I got into dub music, which is what brought me back to beats, oddly enough. Also, I had this van and it only had a radio; the tape player didn’t work. And I remember listening to classic-rock radio, which I had never done. My girlfriend knew all these old songs, and I was like, ‘What are these?!’ I remember just really studying it,” he says, mentioning Creedence Clearwater Revival and his housemates’ Neil Young records specifically. “I was just trying to understand music that I had dismissed. And I like a lot of that stuff now.”

While Ghost to Falco’s music may have become more approachable over the years, Soft Shield remains a complicated album that isn’t easily categorized. “High Treason” melds pedal steel and harmonies into a stunning sunrise, while “Born to Win” kicks around a dirty guitar line like an old tin can; “Feel the Glory” is a rubato hymn that evokes the aftermath of a storm: “Come feel the glory of the mess I’ve made,” Crespo sings.

“They come from a subconscious place,” Crespo says. “Not just lyrics, but the whole piece of music. The stuff I end up keeping has a certain element of mystery about it, something I can’t easily place or trace back. It’s something that has to be intriguing to me. If I come up with something too easily recognizable, I don’t want to work on it anymore.”

Crespo says that Soft Shield might be a reaction to the previous Ghost to Falco album, 2010’s Exotic Believers, which was a rougher, angrier record that occasionally focused on the dark underside of rain clouds rather than the sunlight shining between them.

“With Exotic Believers, I was realizing how insane the whole culture of the world had become, or just realizing the extent of it, and how fucked everything was—on a really, really deep level. And just trying to come to grips with that: ‘What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to drop out of society completely?’ I really was struggling with that kind of thing, and realizing that if I did, it would make me extremely unhappy. Soft Shield is the reaction to that—like, ‘Okay, I’m just going to make a go of it.’ It’s licking your wounds a little bit, to some degree.”

More than an excellent summation of where Ghost to Falco’s at right now, the album’s a statement of individuality in an increasingly globalized, homogenized culture. Crespo points to the rise of licensing for perpetuating “a bland cycle of terribleness” in the current music scene, but also recognizes that he’s mellowed a bit over the years. “I used to think of playing shows as almost trying to educate people, or challenge people. And I’m not so interested in that anymore.”

And Soft Shield is a record that operates deeply beneath the surface, where Crespo’s subconscious turns into music and sound. “The project has always been about trying to deal with the sort of things where I have no other place to deal with them,” he says. “You can’t really discuss this stuff in polite company, you know what I mean? But some part of my brain is forced to think about these things, so I have to do something with it. That’s why I’m not so interested in just being a musician who jams with people—that’s not what this is about for me. It’s about trying to work shit out.”




Ghost to Falco is a Portland, OR-based project, headed by Eric Crespo that has featured a rotating cast of members throughout the years. As numerous others have said before me, the music of Ghost to Falco is pretty hard to classify, traversing many aural landscapes through the course of a single record (and at times, a single song even). Soft Shield feels like the soundtrack to a psychedelic western — like if we took Easy Rider but traded the bikes in for horses. What sticks out to me is the ease with which Crespo can alter the momentum of the record yet keep it cohesive, rather than turning it into a herky-jerky album, devoid of flow.

You can go get Soft Shield on vinyl via Infinite Front, or you can grab the digital download on Bandcamp. While you’re at it, go ahead and like Ghost to Falco on Facebook, and if you’re in Portland tonight, come to Bunk Bar and catch the show!

While a lot of Soft Shield is tense, “The Rude Awake” is the epitome of that tension. It opens with some low feedback, before descending into anxious kicks and a psychedelic, distorted guitar riff. This distorted guitar becomes the main vehicle to drive along the tension in the tune, sticking to a scale wrought with minor tones and a slight dissonance. My favorite part of this tune is the synth that comes in after the bridge to help fill out the low-end. It’s like a little saw synth, and it doesn’t do anything too complex, but it fits perfectly and really helps complete the tune.

You can find “The Rude Awake” as well as the rest of this month’s featured tracks on the free download of the GB! April 2014 Mixtape, the latest in our monthly mixtape series. Come back and get it on April 30!




“Ghost to Falco creates brooding folk rock, birthed from the onset of the New Weird America scene at the turn of the millennium. In contrast to the usual swamp of folk-influenced avant-rock (which invariably fills the shelves) Ghost to Falco’s sole and constant member, Eric Crespo possesses an almost claustrophobic lo-fi aesthetic. He carves out tales and stories of anxiety and sincere hope, his ironic writ observing with a keen eye.

Previous albums have shown a certain level of progression and moreover development in his song writing and musicianship. His 2004 debut ‘Torn or Broken, Shadowed or Dark, Cast Off all Doubts and Ride the Flames to Freedom’ showcased psychedelic ambience and humble discordance. Yet, the refined and looming spectre-like qualities of 2007’s ‘Like This Forever’placed the listener directly round a camp-fire deep in some dark woodland of Oregon.

With ‘Soft Shield’ Ghost to Falco may have carved out his best record yet. Adopting guitar as a strident backbone, opener ‘Enemies Calling’ employs a militant reveille swimming amid a swaying tide of cello and violin while a collective of friends form eerie, choir-like vocals in the distance. Crespo has taken a defined rock direction on this record, yet it can’t be pinned to any scene or indie-rock cork board as it’s entirely Crespo’s vision and flows beautifully. The record took over three years to complete and involved eight studios. Whilst generous favours from studio engineers helped, the majority of the record was funded by Crespo himself.

‘No Reward’ peddles a desolate sand dune of Ennio Morricone-style guitars before unleashing a stomping rhythm, gorgeous and throbbing bass with sumptuous guitar licks. Crespo’s vocals are all humble and husky reverence, a fragility running through his cryptic lyrics. ‘Feel The Glory’ prompts avant-rock improvisation, developing sung/ spoken statements and later introducing delicate guitar and violin plucks, shifting again to form another foot stomping howl. Crespo intones “Come feel the glory of the mess I’ve made, secure the exits and set the stage, this misery was made for two.”

‘Soft Shield’ features a range of collaborators and guest players including Heather Broderick of Danish band, Efterklang on cello and piano. Other guests include Nathan Crockett, of fellow Portland band, Horse Feathers and long-time collaborator Ryne Warner. The second half continues to tread a distinct rock path. ‘The Delicate Few’ and intense ‘The Rude Awake’dishes up rasping and transgressive vocals which can come as quite a shock – Ghost to Falco is showing dexterity and welcome diversity here. Likewise, ‘High Treason’ delivers soaring vocals above a pummelling of drums, while a pedal steel guitar meanders like a lost apparition, again proving Crespo’s desire to experiment with folk and rock.

Portland is home to a close-knit community of musicians and art collectives. It spawned bands such as Yellow Swans, Jackie-O Motherfucker and Quasi and the music possess a clear, revitalising ethic, possibly due to the North Pacific rim. Ghost to Falco’s ‘Soft Shield’ is a continuation of this positive mentality, keeping a spirit alive with fire and a sense of the wild.

‘Soft Shield’ is available on LP and cassette through Ghost to Falco’s own collective label, Infinite Front and in Europe through Fool Tribe.”




“Soft Shield is the fourth full length album from Ghost to Falco, of whom Eric Crespo is the sole constant member. While it features appearances from long time collaborator Ryne Warner of Ohioan, as well as Heather Broderick of Efterklang, Nathan Crockett of Horse Feathers and Erik Clampitt of Power of County, it has been a true labour of love for Crespo, taking three and a half years, eight different studios, and endless odd jobs to finally realise his vision.

The album is one that is firmly embedded in the American West; trippy desert guitar and arid pedal steel intertwine with a lushly imagined and intimate style of mystery. Over all of it, the lyrics paint pictures of protagonists whose worlds are unraveling and crumbling around them.

Somehow this is one of those albums that seems to hark back to a different age, when records were obsessed over, analysed, dissected and ultimately treasured, becoming markers for a particular time and stage in people’s lives. Unlike so many releases now, Soft Shield has the capacity to be one of those records, capable of overcoming the temporary and transient listener, and offering new and unexpected rewards with every play.”




Ghost to Falco is that sort of…band that seems to ooze atmosphere. Whether it’s ominous (“Born to Win”), martial (“Enemies Calling”) or warm (“High Treason”), Eric Crespo and co. know how to make me feel things on Soft Shield…even though Ghost to Falco employs a full band throughout, space is an important part of the sound (“No Reward,” “Feel the Glory”).

This gives the songs a cinematic quality different than that of film scores: these songs literally feel like stories, like journeys that have a beginning and end. It’s a rare skill, to take songs out of the realm of “pop song” and situate them in another milieu entirely. But listening to Soft Shield, it’s hard to imagine these songs in the same realm as The Avett Brothers. These songs have grit, body, and a life of their own outside of the preconceived, circumscribed bounds of three-minute pop songs.

Crespo’s vocal delivery documents every swoop and sway of his emotional state in the tiny bends and wrenches of phrases and words. This gives his songs even more emotive punch than the songwriting alone in the hands of a different vocalist might provide. Between the cinematic songwriting and evocative vocals, Ghost to Falco is a band doing things in a unique and exciting way…




“Ghost to Falco’s Soft Shield is clearly a labor of love—made with limited financial resources, but with a host of accomplished musicians who cover a variety of parts and labors, the LP proves that no project is too small for passionate musicians. Soft Shield…is multilayered and complex. Intended for thoughtful listens, it has elements of Television-style hypnosis, as well some folk influences that keep it elementally soothing, but the real mastery is in how much thought went in to the process of making the record. With well-mixed guitar lines and clear-as-day vocals, there is a musicianship here that is rarely found on limited self-releases…”




“Soft Shield marks the fourth full-length album from Eric Crespo’s long-running group, Ghost to Falco. For an album that was created over a span of three years, recorded in 8 different studios and, like previous efforts, features a rotating cast of Portland-based musicians, you’d never know it. Crespo has composed perhaps his strongest and most cohesive statement to date – building on and refining the type of rugged avant desert rock he dealt in on Exotic Believers – albeit in a more concise fashion. While Soft Shield’s songs are still filled with those complex and, at times, slightly odd arrangements that are heard throughout Ghost to Falco’s catalog, the bulk of the tracks have a more pronounced forward momentum thanks in part to the drumming contributions of Bud Wilson (from the band, AAN). The sound here is expansive, yet remarkably raw, with Crespo’s plaintive, occasionally, half-sung vocals out front and center…The Soft Shield LP will be available from Crespo’s own Infinite Front label on April 8th in the U.S. and on Fooltribe in Europe.”




“Portland’s Ghost to Falco has dragged its heels through a career far harder to classify than those enjoyed by many of its experimental-pop peers…the group has quietly built itself a catalog of experimental-pop dirges equal to that of any of its iconoclastic cohorts.”




“…Over time, Ghost to Falco evolved from a swirling, beatless one-man show to a full band, playing haunting compositions that sit uneasily at the intersection of minimalism, threadbare folk and experimental prog rock… Ghost to Falco features gentle guitar strumming, bursts of atonal noise and allusive talk-singing that seems to emerge from Crespo’s subconscious. Imagine slabs of latter-day Scott Walker’s musique concrète raining down on a ravaged Americana landscape. It’s no accident Crespo’s recent LP, Exotic Believers, opens with the cut “Black Hole,” since he’s perfected the cloudy and obsessed sound of roots rock collapsing into itself.”




“For a band that’s been around for more than 10 years, Ghost to Falco is still ridiculously tricky to classify. The music pushes the boundaries of comfort and rewards the audience with unique and intentional songs. One thing is consistent: The man behind the curtain, Eric Crespo, has unfailingly experimented on each of his albums, sometimes as a solo act, and sometimes collaborating on record with more than 30 other musicians, as on 2010′s excellent Exotic Believers. Crespo makes cerebral music that ranges from minimal noise tracks that don’t have a recognizable structure, to Neil Young-esque, electric-guitar rock ‘n’ roll songs, to delicate folk tunes punctuated with harmonica. Exotic Believers, is an excellent example of Crespo’s talent, which has bounced from Portland to North Carolina but has lately been back in our corner, making music that is insightful, diverse, and surprising.”




“The cover of Exotic Believers does an amazing job of reflecting the immense reverence and power in Crespo’s approach to music-making…the procession of tracks possesses a similar feeling of desolation that one might feel being alone in the desert, with waves of heat, giant flames licking skyward.”




Interview Feature from The Willamette Week

Nowhere To Run

 When Eric Crespo started writing what would become Ghost to Falco’s third album, Exotic Believers, in 2007, he was fretting about the end of the world—or rather, trying to avoid contributing to the end of the world. But the books he’d been reading—by author/environmental activist Derek Jensen—didn’t leave much room for optimism. So if there’s a theme to Exotic Believers, “I guess it’s about coming to grips with the idea that humans are fucking up terribly,” Portlander Crespo says with a chuckle. “[And] even if you go live out in a shack in Nowhere, Montana, you’re not going to get away [from it]. As much as you think in your head and in your dreams that you can, you’re not going to.”

If it sounds like a bummer of an album, well, we’d be lying to call it upbeat. But as purging goes, Exotic Believers is quite an exercise. Crespo’s lyrical monologues dart and dive between sharp, crusty riffs and bursts of unpredictable instrumentation from dozens of notable local musicians that include the Shaky Hands’ Nick Delffs, Dragging an Ox Through Water’s Brian Mumford and Horse Feathers’ Heather Broderick. At times, as on the Elephant Six-esque opener “Black Holes” and “Secrets of the Free,” Crespo scrambles and hollers his demands; at other times he’s a voice of calm, questioning realism—singing as if explaining the human race to an alien (“We’re just trying to survive/ And we invent things and we die/ The generations carry on,” he sings on “Everything Alive.”). Crespo presents his existential crisis alongside the natural one—I hesitate to use the word “spiritual,” as God never really comes into the equation.

The s-word doesn’t scare Crespo. “I think that’s the right word,” says the 28-year-old songwriter, who moved to Portland from his home state of North Carolina in 2001. “I think everyone, no matter if they acknowledge it or not, has to have some kind of spiritual release—whether it’s shopping or television or sports or church. Music didn’t start that way for me, but when I come to realize what it is in my life, it’s like religion. It fulfills the same need.”

If music is Crespo’s religion, the upstart Portland label Infinite Front is his new church. Though Crespo and GtF bandmate Ryne Warner dreamed up the imprint, it will be collectively run by a number of like-minded artists. Infinite Front’s launch party this Saturday presents releases by GtF, Ohioan and a four-way split 7-inch record featuring those bands alongside Dragging an Ox Through Water and Castanets. It’s a musically like-minded collective: All these artists teeter on the divide between melodic songwriting and noisy experimentation, and all analyze (however uniquely) big-picture issues of consciousness and existence in their lyrics.

But what good is a record label, or a new album—even one as epic as Exotic Believers—in the face of the impending Armageddon? Crespo says there’s value in the simple things. “You’ve gotta make yourself happy and feel alive,” he says. “I think it’s good for the world when people feel alive.”




Since he was 14 years old, Eric Crespo, Ghost to Falco founder and songwriter, has been writing and looking to tour. After a quick listen to his music, it’s easy to understand why. Whether it’s lonely spaghetti-western dirges or muscular riff-based tunes, the music of Ghost to Falco is distinguished by the way it moves.

The energy behind Crespo’s recordings sounds like something straight from a live show, a talent that Crespo has carefully cultivated through years of playing solo or with rotating band members.
“Touring was all I really wanted to do,” Crespo said.

He pinpoints the start of the project at around 2001. “I was trying to come up with ways to play out alone, so I could tour as much as I wanted,” he said. “I may have never started Ghost to Falco if the people in my bands really wanted to tour like I did.”
As Crespo played alone under the name Ghost to Falco, he found that he “had no interest or knowledge of folk singers or anything like that.”

“I was weaned on noisy guitar bands,” he added.

This led Crespo to develop the more experimental sound of Ghost to Falco’s studio recordings, complete with looping pedals and analog synthesizers that still figure prominently into the band’s live setup today.

Although Crespo figured out the key components early on, he continues to characterize Ghost to Falco as a growing organism.

“It has definitely been an organic transition,” Crespo said.

With three full-length albums available and a fourth, Soft Shield, on its way, Ghost to Falco is still expanding on Crespo’s solo roots with every release.

When Ghost to Falco rolls into La Cocina tonight to play the downtown bar’s illustrious outdoor stage, the band will be in the third week of a tour that has taken it from Portland across the West, including a stop in Austin, Texas, playing a South by Southwest showcase last week.

“Live shows have been pretty rocking on this tour,” Crespo said. “Playing live is very important for Ghost to Falco. It helps me understand the music in a different way. Music is an ever-evolving thing.”

Crespo said future plans for Ghost to Falco involve touring as much as he can while still finding the time to give Soft Shield the release it deserves.

“I really want to tour Australia, Japan and anywhere else in Asia,” he said. “I’m not sure how to make that happen, but I’m going to try to figure it out.”

It shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for a man who’s been touring and playing so long that he openly admits for a while he “didn’t know how not to be in a band.” Relentless tour schedule or not, Ghost to Falco’s clearly up to the challenge of putting on a rocking show.




“Anyone remotely familiar with aQ knows we’ve long had a soft spot for earthy, psych-tinged music that weaves its way along beautiful shadowy paths through the dewy glimmers and murky sludge. Well, here’s something new that fits the bill and has been pleasing many an ear around here! …Recommended.”




“…w/two other bands tonight: a local duo called same old song and a u.s. cat named eric from oregon (portland) w/his ghost to falco band … he’s been on tour a long time … eric’s songs a really happening… – the tunes being like journeys. his drummer bud is right w/him – all the way tight and I can’t believe the italian bass player samuele learned the tunes so quick, whoa… but that’s what eric told me. young people w/music always trip me out how happening they can get their thing on these days, damn. much respect to them.”

-MIKE WATT (from Mike Watt’s Italian tour diary)



” Ghost to Falco’s…Exotic Believers collapses country into a barbed, black hole that sucks you in, body and soul…certainly one of the better albums I’ve heard all year. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen – you won’t be disappointed.”



Interview Feature from Foxy Digitalis: 

Since 2001, Eric Crespo has been recording under the name Ghost to Falco with a rotating cast of contributors from Portland’s independent music community. He recently released “Exotic Believers”, his third full-length and perhaps his most accomplished work to date. Released on his cooperative-run label, Infinite Front, “Exotic Believers” finds Ghost to Falco continuing to explore the odd intersections between folk songcraft, rock experimentation, and minimalist composition to assured results, at times bringing to mind Neil Young being backed by This Heat. Before hitting the road again for some upcoming tour dates, Crespo took the time to answer some questions about the making of “Exotic Believers” and his overall approach to songwriting, among other things.

[Click here to see the entire interview: Foxy Digitalis Ghost to Falco interview feature]




“Ghost to Falco’s songs…crackle with unexpected twists, sweeps of lush analog synth, cymbal swells, and the occasional brutal bludgeon of discordant bass chords. Their songs meander through crevices of desperation and anger, only to silently excuse themselves from the room, leaving ghosts behind that will haunt you for days.”




“…Ghost to Falco performs mournful songs that are unsettlingly beautiful, like a peaceful morning before a funeral…looped synth and guitar strums-lulling listeners to sleep with ominous raindrops on the brink of turning into a raging thunderstorm…”




GHOST TO FALCO — Exotic Believers [REVIEW]         There’s only one way to classify the third full length effort of Chapel Hill refugee Eric Crespo’s project Ghost to Falco and that would be as “indescribable,” though maybe “breathtaking” would suffice as well. As the follow-up to 2007’s Like This Forever, Exotic Believers furthers Crespo’s exploration into the impossible and makes countless side trips along the way. Even with a cast of more than 30 Portland musicians in the fold, Exotic Believers sounds surprisingly cohesive in an unpredictable sort of way. The only constant is the slightly cold and dirty feeling with which the listener is left after each of the album’s nine tracks. From the noise-laden opener “Black Holes” and it’s mournful successor “Risen” to the subterranean low-end growl of the epic “Comfort Series #2,” there’s an unsettling feeling to be gathered from both the wild artistic ambitions and the abstruse anti-war message hidden within Crespo’s unconventional meter. Of course, there’s a bit of context missing on the album, as Ghost to Falco is a multimedia project as well. Live shows complete the picture with disquieting imagery to perfectly parallel the incongruence of the record. It’s always a risky proposition to conjoin the words “art” and “rock,” but Exotic Believers does so to stirring effect.



A common revelation to many an outsider, Eric Crespo found music as his savior while he was in middle school. Inspired by the bands his friend’s older brother played in, the young Crespo would begin to write songs on a borrowed electric guitar and stay out late to attend shows in Chapel Hill. While many of us can recollect isolation and the classic coming of age stories of middle school, the impressionable 8th grader found a new power in underground rock music. “Seeing people play who were nerds but filling up a room with people by making up their own weird music seemed really fantastic to me,” he relates with adolescent nostalgia.

On Halloween of 2001, Crespo left his home in Burlington, North Carolina and arrived in Portland, Oregon, searching for new beginnings. Once settled, he began to focus on music making and became the songwriter and lead visionary of the ever morphing deconstructed rock project, Ghost to Falco. Initially envisioned as a solo project, Crespo has invited various musicians to join him and bring his stark, haunting compositions full circle. His first releases under Ghost to Falco came out in 2004, followed by a split 7 inch with The Curtains put out by Collective Jyrk and a full length dished out by the now defunct label, Colletta Blue.

Currently, Ghost to Falco is on tour in Italy, a land Crespo has walked before with the help of admirable friends and followers. His mission is to promote his latest masterpiece, Exotic Believers, an epic collection of eerie compositions featuring cameos by Portland’s finest musicians. The album came out earlier this year on Cape and Chalice/Infinite Front and has entered the running for Best Album Of 2010 in my mind. His music lends itself to cult-classicism and hints at something greater than himself, a vehicle that drives fast into the impact of the listener.

In fact, Exotic Believers wastes no time grabbing the listener hard by the ears with an intense, rambling psalm found in opening track, “Black Holes”. A relentless, distorted pulse drives on while Crespo rants and raves about the deconstruction of modern man with venomous lines such as “Will you be the mover of your hand, or a human you can’t stand, or a concept you can’t name”. It doesn’t take long to realize Crespo’s lyrical content inExotic Believers doesn’t exactly reflect sunshine and unicorns. However, as an artist, he says music allows him to conquer inner demons. “I find myself gravitating towards lyrical themes and ideas that are kind of weighty or dealing with times when I felt a sort of transcendence where I could look at the big picture,” he explains. “I feel fairly psychologically healthy but if I didn’t have my “artistic release” who knows what I would be like.”

The music recorded on Exotic Believers is equally emotive. Second track, “Rising” is entirely instrumental and follows the chaotic seether of “Black Holes” with a sullen string intro (featuring members of the celebrated Portland Cello Project) accompanied by an ominous church bell ringing out a desperate fate. It serves as the perfect lead-up to the albums first masterpiece, “Comfort Series #2″. About the track’s lyrical content Crespo recollects, “I got pretty obsessed with the idea of modern forms of comfort and how the human search for comfort has jeopardized our very existence.” Entering the epic song with Crespo’s wavering tone, the song builds up with a mourning melodica and then crashes down with a heavy subterranean rock ensemble laced with anamorphic guitars and the shriek of strings. The high is short lived and falls back to a glum minimalist guitar before going into a nearly klezmer inflected chant. The song is incredibly well orchestrated, a talent Crespo has cultivated with a rotating entourage of collaborators. “There was no sheet music,” Crespo explains about the writing processWhile Ghost to Falco is sometimes a group effort, the players respect Crespo’s vision and help him to achieve the sounds he hears inside his head. “I’m incredibly grateful to all the people who lent such marvelous performances for this album.”

“Secrets Of The Free” is sure to be an indie underground classic – as it is probably the most “pop” oriented song on the album – with it’s fixed rock structure and infectious vocal melody. It is followed by a monotonous exhale of a harmonica on “Into The Missions/Quiet At Home” leading up to the most haunting lyrical performance on the album. Crespo triples his vocals on this a capella collage that equally channels drunken soldiers wasted on the barracks with the peyote induced wisdom of a shaman. The second half of the album contains songs like “Greater Good” and “Alive” which rely on heavy dynamics while maintaining a minimalist sincerity.

Crespo was invited to record Exotic Believers in a storage space for oriental rugs at the corner of NW Davis and 10th in Portland, OR. “It always felt like Exotic Believers would be the last big project that came out of there,” he says. While there was no heat and little insulation inside the space, the record managed to make it out sounding warm, professional and spacious. At times it was a makeshift affair where much of the instrumentation was recorded by one studio mic and Crespo’s vocals partially captured in the bathroom. The album reflects a moment in time as the space is no longer available as a studio. “Now there’s a parking garage below it,” Crespo laments. “I don’t know what’s become of the space where we used to record.”

Touring provides Crespo with a marriage of his favorite things: playing live and traveling. The magic of Ghost to Falco shows exist best without expectation; a mission to engage the audience, rather than entertain. Only one thing is certain, Crespo will be there. Solo or with a backing band allows for new forms of the same song to emerge depending on the flavor of the night. Though music is a fluid art form, existing without rules and barriers, it is hard for artists – and listeners to let go of the versions they cherish at home. Crespo relates this to an existentialist dilemma. “I was thinking about how all the little moments in your days add up to a lifetime. People dream about things that will happen one day, but meanwhile their life is happening and yesterday is how that day will be forever,” he explains. “There is no changing it. And more specifically to the nature of recording, even if a song evolves over time the way it was recorded is the general way it will be remembered. Forever.”

…and remembered it should be. The nine song record rises and falls into itself with effortless beauty and relief. It is the type of record that hints at a deeper meaning in rock music and should be regarded as an indie masterpiece, held up with the likes of Will Oldham, Phil Elverum and Scout Niblett. Yet, Crespo himself is unsure about the meaning behind the title of Exotic Believers. He says he needs time to reflect on the album’s title and the compelling songs that make up it’s inner core. Still, he has his theories behind his work. “I have a feeling it’s pointing to people who can wholeheartedly believe in something with all of their being,” he states via e-mail from across the Atlantic. “I envy people like that.”




What’s the sound of one hand clapping? Probably something really close to that of a guy jacking off. Likewise, one-man bands tend to embody the more masturbatory traits to which musicians are prone: self-absorption, self-indulgence, self-congratulation and lots of other annoying qualities prefixed by the word “self.” Eric Crespo (below), though, keeps his ego in check and his hands out of his pants with his solo project, Ghost to Falco. Started in 2001 as an auxiliary to his day gig, Portland’s art-punk outfit Alarmist, Ghost to Falco is Crespo’s repository for all the loops, drones, swells and whispers that rattle around inside a lonely brain. His 2003 debut, Torn or Broken, Shadowed or Dark, Cast Off All Doubts and Ride the Flame to Freedom, is a five-song plunge into the icy waters of non-being; echoing with empty space and soft voices, it pulls at the spirit like a death wish. Guitars and synthesizers are twisted around and fed back into each other until they spiral into vast, gaseous shapes, a sound as ethereal yet densely epic as that of Windsor for the Derby, VVRSSNN or even Meddle-era Pink Floyd. If you can wrap your head around a performance of almost Zen-like grace and mystery, cue Ghost to Falco.




11/14/15 – Portland, OR @ 622 SE Mill St. (House show) // 8pm // Donation

11/17/15 – Portland, OR @ The Liquor Store w/ Esme Patterson, Oscar Fang and the Fang Gang // 9pm // 21+ // $5





9/29/15 – Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios w/ Roselit Bone, Mission Spotlight // 8:30pm // 21+ // FREE

9/12/15 – Raleigh, NC @ Slim’s Downtown (at the Spazzscotch day party–part of the Hopscotch Music Festival)  // Ghost to Falco plays from 2:35pm-3:05pm // ALL AGES // FREE

6/17/15 – Portland, OR @ The Know w/ Verma, Electro-Kraken // 8pm // $5

4/08/15 – Portland, OR @ Turn Turn Turn w/ Bob Bucko Jr., Ali Muhareb // 8pm // $5

3/29/15 – Boise, ID @ Crazy Horse (as part of Treefort Music Fest  // Ghost to Falco plays from 2pm-2:40pm //

Week Long Residency at Al’s Den in Portland, OR – March 2015 – All shows are free and run 7pm-10pm

3/15 – w/ Like a Villian

3/16 – w/ Bud Wilson

3/17 – w/ Jonathan Sielaff

3/18 – w/ Paper/Upper/Cuts

3/19 – w/ Dragging an Ox through Water

3/20 – w/ Nick Delffs

3/21 – w/ Grapefruit


12/06/14 – Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theater Lounge w/ Pageantry, Souvenir Driver // 8pm doors/9pm show // $5.00 adv./$7 day of show // 21+

11/16/14 – Portland, OR @ Rontoms w/ Be Forest (from Italy)  // FREE // 9pm

10/08/14 – Portland, OR @ Al’s Den w/ Paleo, Esmé Patterson

09/09/14 – Portland, OR @ Bunk Bar w/ Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Charts // $8 // 9pm

06/07/14 – Davis, CA @ Yurtzilla- 35301 County Road 31 (house show campout) w/ Wander, Bridgeroot, Cell City,

06/06/14 – San Jose, CA @ SubZERO Festival  -Ghost to Falco on at 7pm –

06/01/14 – Portland, OR @ Savoy

5/17/2014 – Seaview, WA @ The Sou’wester

5/16/2014 – Olympia, WA @ The Track House (House show)

5/15/2014 – Seattle, WA @ The Lo-Fi Performance Space w/ Down North, Julie C

5/14/2014 – Bellingham, WA @ The Underground Coffeehouse (on WWU Campus) w/ Low Hums

5/13/2014 – Portland, OR @ The Firkin Tavern w/ Ta Da   – 8pm start time (must end by 10) – FREE!

-Ghost to Falco “Soft Shield” Record Release Show
Friday April 11th, 2014 – Portland, OR @ Bunk Bar
w/ AAN, Dragging an Ox through Water
9pm, $5 advance/$7 day of show

-March 1st, 2014 – Seaview, Washington @ The Sou’wester

-Tuesday February 18th, 2014 @ Portland State University (Live at Lunch)

***European Tour – Fall 2013***
24.11 finale emilia, italy @ manitese
23.11 sesto san giovanni, italy @ martelli 79
22.11 verona, italy @ thimmonier
21.11 rovereto, italy @ loco’s
20.11 thiene (VI), italy @ bounty
19.11 udine, italy @ circle arci mis(s)kappa
18.11 milan, italy @ gatto
17.11 innsbruck, austria @ pmk w/ paper beat scissors
16.11 horazdovice, CZ @ vinarna pod vezi
15.11 prague, CZ @ popo cafe petl ujezd
14.11 brno, CZ @ mistogalerie
13.11 plzen, CZ @ pod lampou
12.11 leipzig, germany @ meins
10.11 ghent, belgium @ Petra’s Plant
09.11 brussels, belgium @ Studio Marcel” Recyclart
08.11 kortrijk, belgium @ deDingen
07.11 caen, france @ l’ubu café
06.11 rennes, france @ la bascule
05.11 nantes, france @ café livresse
04.11 bordeaux @ Steve’s house
03.11 bordeaux, france @ el chicho
02.11 montpellier, france @ up&down
01.11 genova, italy @ claque (8pm show)
31.10 la spezia, italy @ origami
30.10 savona, italy @ raindogs club at officine solimano
29.10 brescia, italy @ il revisionario
28.10 cremona, italy @ antics osteria del fico
27.10 rome, italy @ forte fanfulla
26.10 latina, italy @ arci hemingway
25.10 osimo, Italy @ Loop
24.10 florence, italy @ tender club w/ Arborea
23.10 forli, italy @ diagonal loft club
21.10 senigallia, italy @ country house
20.10 avellino, italy @ godot art bistrot
19.10 barletta, italy @ caffè letterario
18.10 fasano, italy @ eligabaldo circolo
17.10 coppertino, italy @ sotterranei
16.10 naples, italy @ cellar theory
14.10 Gioia del Colle (Ba), italy @ el corte
13.10 foggia, italy @ tolleranza zero
12.10 vast, italy @ beat cafe
11.10 cassino, italy @ ui nuove officine generali
10.10 rome, italy @ circolo degli artisti w/ The Thermals
09.10 san benedetto del tronto, italy @ viniles
06.10 modena, italy @ la tenda as part of upupa fest
05.10 san martino spino, italy @ barcson vecc

July 31st @ Mississippi Studios w/ Ohioan, Baby Alpaca 8pm/$8

Sunday July 21st @ Valentine’s w/ Zachary Cale, Kelli Schaefer 9pm/ $5

Saturday June 22nd @ PALS Clubhouse w/ Regular Music, Lilacs & Champagne, Charts, Talkative

Sunday June 13th, 2013 @ Union/Pine (XRAY Fest) w/ No More Train Ghosts, Vin Blanc, The Beauty, Kelli Schaefer

Tuesday May 28, 2013 @ Bunk Bar w/ Ghosties 9pm $3

[[[End of Go Toward the Light Tour 2013]]]

*3/28/13 ARCATA, CA @ The Facement

*3/27 SACRAMENTO, CA @ Bows and Arrows – w/ Dead Western, Christine Shields

*3/26 OAKLAND, CA @ Fractal Mindgaze Hut- w/ Halcyonaire, Hazy Loper
*3/25 SAN JOSE, CA @ Anno Domini

*3/24 LOS ANGELES, CA @ The LA Fort

*3/23 MURRIETA, CA @ The Dial

*3/22 PRESCOTT, AZ @ Aqua Farm
*3/21 FLAGSTAFF, AZ @ Flagstaff Brewing – w/ Lower Cococino, Dragons

*3/20 TUCSON, AZ @ La Cocina – w/ Algae and Tentacles

*3/19 BISBEE, AZ @ The Bisbee Grand Hotel & Saloon

*3/18 EL PASO, TX @ The Percolator – w/ Improvision, Trafficking Sound, Vain Nation

*3/17 MARFA, TX @ Lost Horse Saloon

*3/16 AUSTIN, TX (SxSW)

*3/15 AUSTIN, TX (SxSW)

*3/14 AUSTIN, TX @ Slow Pump House w/ Warm Climate, Pure X, more

*3/13 AUSTIN, TX (OFFICIAL South by Southwest SHOWCASE) @ The Hideout (Ghost to Falco on at midnight) – w/ Frontier, Usman Riaz, Silencio, Dolores Boys, Midday Veil

*3/12 HOUSTON, TX (SxSW Overflow Festival) @ Super Happy Fun Land – w/ Eula, Little Tybee, Colorfeels, Flagland

*3/11 PORT ARTHUR, TX @ King’s Cue Stick

*3/10 SHREVEPORT, LA @ The Dalzell House (246 Dalzell St.) – w/ Ghost Foot, Gashcat

*3/09 DENTON, TX @ 911 House (911 W. Hickory) NMR Unofficial 35 Denton Showcase – (starts at 1pm-ghost to falco on at 1:45pm!)

*3/08 DENTON, TX (35 Denton Festvial) @ Banter – w/ The Angelus, Shiny Around the Edges, My Education
*3/07 LUBBOCK, TX @ Wolf School (1312 Avenue J-Unit 1) – w/ Dry Heaves, Musta Nottas
*3/06 ALBUQUERQUE, NM @ Synchro Studio w/ Ghost Foot
*3/05 DENVER, CO @ Rhinoceropolis – w/ Inner Oceans, Between Youth, Prom Dads
*3/04 SALT LAKE CITY, UT @ The Barn (155 s Hawkes Court (635 e)) – w/ Ghost Foot, Jesus Christ and the Goddamns, The Pentagraham Crackers
*3/03 BOISE, ID @ WavePOP House (2121 N. 28th St.) – w/ Ghost Foot*3/02 *3/02 PORTLAND, OR @ Recess Gallery (1127 SE 10th Avenue) – w/ Glass Knees, Jordan Dykstra & Tom Blood, Sam Humans

{{{[[[GO TOWARD THE LIGHT TOUR UP FROM HERE –march 2013]]]}}}

February 10 2013 6pm Portland, OR @ Slabtown (all ages side) Mix it up/Fuck it up Vol. 3 Tape release show

January 19 2013 9pm Portland, OR @ Kenton Club w/ Ohioan, Power of County, Meridian

December 28 2012 9pm Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506 w/ The Mercators

December 22 2012 9 pm Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor w/ Great Architect

September 19 2012 8 pm Durham, NC The Duke Coffeehouse w/ Mount Eerie, Hungry Cloud Darkening
September 15 2012 9 pm Wilmington, NC The Soapbox w/ Pretend Surprise, Astronauts Anonymous
September 14 2012 9 pm Greenville, NC @ Tipsy Teapot
September 12 2012 9 pm Chapel Hill, NC Nightlight
July 31 2012 9 pm Portland, OR Bunk Bar w/ Wooden Indian Burial Ground /// 21+
May 17 2012 9 pm Portland, OR Mississippi Studios w/ Celilo, You Are Plural // $8
December 23 2011 9 pm Chapel Hill, NC The Nightlight w/ No Eyes, Morgan’s End
August 7 2011 4 pm Portland, OR Mississippi Studios (Bar Bar Patio) afternoon show on the Patio w/ Death Songs //FREE!
July 18 2011 10 pm Portland, OR Valentine’s w/ Desert of Hiatus, Like a Villain
June 3 2011 8 pm Vancouver, WA The Space w/ Jordan Knecht, Sea of Oaks, Pelican Ossman
May 4 2011 9 pm Chapel Hill, NC The Nightlight w/ Aan, Pussy Mountain, Wild Wild Geese
May 3 2011 8 pm Charlottesville, VA The Box w/ Aan, Nelly Kate, Infinite Jets
May 2 2011 8 pm Washington DC 1726 1st St NW (house show) w/ Aan, Buildings
April 30 2011 9 pm Brooklyn, NY Bruar Falls w/ Aan, Cavex
April 29 2011 9 pm Troy, NY 51 3rd Street w/ Aan
April 28 2011 9 pm Winooski, VT The Monkey House w/ Aan
April 27 2011 8 pm New Bedford, MA No Problemo w/ Aan
April 26 2011 8 pm Easthampton, MA The Flywheel w/ Aan, Floorspace
April 25 2011 8 pm Providence, RI Roots Cafe w/ Aan, Manbeard, Sun Ghost
April 24 2011 9 pm New York, NY The Cake Shop w/ Aan, Sam Mickens, No Sky God
April 23 2011 8 pm Kutztown, PA Eckhaus Gallery w/ Aan, Goodnight Stars Goodnight Air
April 22 2011 8 pm Newark, NJ Coffeeshop backyard Japan tsunami benefit w/ Aan
April 20 2011 9 pm Lynchburg, VA The Brick House w/ Aan, The Late Virginia Summers
April 19 2011 8 pm Greensboro, NC The Green Bean w/ Aan, Andrew Weathers
April 18 2011 8 pm Greenville, NC Tipsy w/ Aan, Soft Spot (Brooklyn), Rifle Recoil (Brooklyn) $5/ALL AGES
April 17 2011 7 pm Raleigh, NC Marsh Woodwinds w/ Aan, Easy Company, Abe Leonard // $5 // ALL AGES
April 16 2011 8 pm Durham, NC Duke Coffeehouse w/ Aan, Prisms
April 15 2011 8 pm Boone, NC Frankie’s Pizza w/ Aan, Easy Company, // $5 // ALL AGES
April 14 2011 9 pm Asheville, NC Bobo Gallery w/ Aan, Easy Company, Abe Leonard // $5 // ALL AGES
April 5 2011 9 pm Portland, OR Valentine’s w/ Dead Bird Flower, Virgin Blood
March 10 2011 8 pm Portland, OR The Artistery w/ Liz Harris (of Grouper), Johnny X and the Groadies, Tenses (members of Smegma), Why I Must Be Careful ALL AGES $7/$6 with a can of food
February 12 2011 8 pm Portland, OR The Artistery w/ Mangled Bohemians, Rollerball
January 26 2011 9 pm Portland, OR Rotture w/ The Greys, EMA (members of Gowns and Acre), Tara Jane O’neil/Brian Mumford
January 15 2011 7 pm Tacoma, WA The Den w/ Dragging an Ox through Water, more TBA //ALL AGES//costs $$DONATIONS
January 14 2011 8 pm Seattle Cairo Gallery (507 E. Mercer) w/ Dragging an Ox through Water, Witch Garden, U//
ALL AGES//bring cash $$
January 2 2011 8 pm Portland, OR Art Base w/ Jordan Knecht, Sea of Oaks
December 29 2010 9 pm Chapel Hill, NC The Nightlight w/ Kolyma
November 27 2010 8 pm Portland, OR The Artistery Artistery benefit w/ Wampire, Billions and Billions
October 12 2010 9 pm Portland, OR Lola’s Room (in Crystal Ballroom) w/ Dragging an Ox through Water FREE!
August 27 2010 9 pm Portland, OR Mudai (801 NE Broadway) w/ Slaves, and Mustaphamond
August 6 2010 10 am Turner, OR (Salem pretty much) Enchanted Forest–Great Idea Festival Crazy all day festival (10am-8pm) at Enchanted Forest, which is the best amusement park ever. Right on the I-5. About 45 minutes South of Portland. Bands include Wampire, Reporter, Plants, and tons more.
July 25 2010 8 pm Portland, OR East End w/ Ohioan, TBA
July 24 2010 7 pm Olympia, WA Grandma’s House w/ Ohioan, Forest Park, Broken Water, and more bands too
July 23 2010 8 pm Seattle, WA Gallery 1412 w/ Ohioan, still looking for a Seattle band
July 21 2010 9 pm Mestre FLO:P
July 20 2010 9 pm Bolzano, Italy Vintola 18
July 16 2010 6 pm Innsbruck, Austria PMK
July 11 2010 6 pm Genova, Italy TBA
July 10 2010 9 pm Senigallia, Italy Garbin-Viruz Sound
July 9 2010 9 pm Frosinone, Italy Cantina Mediterraneo
July 7 2010 10 pm Quarantoli, Italy 5 Sensi
June 29 2010 6 pm Finale Emilia, Italy Persicello Mansion with Dead Western
June 26 2010 8 pm Isola Della Scala (VR) Italy Ca’Magre
June 23 2010 8 pm Seattle The Bread Factory w/ Aan, Iji It’s a house. Bring donation money. S. 20th and S. Jackson–behind the Moonlight Cafe
June 13 2010 10 pm Portland, OR Valentine’s w/ Jordan Knecht $5 donation strongly encouraged!
May 30 2010 8 pm Portland, OR Rontoms w/ Friendo
April 24 2010 8 pm Salem, OR The Space
April 23 2010 8 pm Chico, CA Cafe Coda w/ Last Workhorse
April 22 2010 8 pm Davis, CA Villanova House w/ Dead Western
April 21 2010 8 pm Irvine, CA UC Irvine w/ Infinite Body, earn
April 19 2010 8 pm Goleta, CA Biko Garage w/ City Center
April 18 2010 8 pm Los Angeles, CA Synchronicity Space w/ E&E
April 17 2010 9 pm San Diego, CA Soda Bar
April 16 2010 8 pm San Diego, CA The Park Gallery w/ Derek Papa, more
April 15 2010 8 pm Los Angeles, CA Echo Curio w/ Ezra Buchla (formerly of Gowns), I.E., Black Church
April 14 2010 6 pm Modesto, CA Queen Bean Coffee House
April 13 2010 9 pm San Francisco, CA The Hemlock Tavern w/ Lazer Zeppelin, Neighbors
April 7 2010 9 pm Portland, OR Holocene w/ Ah Holly Family, Grey Anne, Billygoat 21+, $5
March 27 2010 9 pm Seattle Sunset Tavern w/ Scout Niblett, Holy Sons
March 26 2010 9 pm Portland, OR Berbati’s Pan with Scout Niblett, Holy Sons
February 16 2010 8 pm Seattle Chop Suey w/ Fireworks, Ravenna Woods $7
January 23 2010 8 pm Portland, OR The Artistery Exotic Believers Record Release Show / 4 way mono split 7″ release show / INFINITE FRONT coming out party with Castanets, Ohioan, Dragging an Ox through Water $5 / ALL AGES
January 6 2010 8 pm Los Angeles Women All shows up to here and back to Dec. 27th with Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III
January 5 2010 8 pm Phoenix, AZ Trunkspace with La La Lumberjack, Turn Back O’ Man
January 4 2010 8 pm Albuquerque, NM The Coal Undermind with Free Pop Connection
January 3 2010 8 pm Las Cruces, NM Equinox with Aux
January 2 2010 8 pm Marfa, TX Robin’s House
January 1 2010 8 pm San Marcos, TX Wake the Dead with His Erratik Majesti, The Von Ormies, …With a Sword on a Horse
December 31 2009 8 pm Austin, TX C.O.T.F.G Stage @ First Night Austin with Geoff Reacher, Zanzibar Snails
December 30 2009 8 pm Shreveport, LA The Naked Bean with Dan Hole Pond
December 29 2009 8 pm Pensacola, FL Sluggo’s with Balder
December 28 2009 10 pm Athens, GA Caledonia Lounge with Council, Tunabunny
December 27 2009 8 pm Atlanta, GA The Jailhouse with Pony Payroll BonesAll shows between Dec. 27th and January 6th with Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III
December 19 2009 10 am Chapel Hill, NC The Nightlight EXOTIC BELIEVERS Record Release Show (East Coast) with Inspector 22
December 18 2009 9 pm Greensboro, NC The Maya Gallery w/ CJ Boyd, The Three-Brained Robot
December 12 2009 8 pm Stuttgart, Germany Fur Flussigkeiten & Schwingungen
December 11 2009 10 pm Milan, Italy Bitte
December 6 2009 8 pm Preganziol, Treviso, Italy Macaco House
December 5 2009 8 pm Faenza, Italy Clandestino
December 4 2009 8 pm Fano, Pesaro, Italy Boomker
December 3 2009 8 pm Caserta, Italy Jarmusch
December 2 2009 10 pm Napoli, Italy Teatro Instabile w/ Vessel
November 30 2009 8 pm Roma, Italy Fanfulla 101
November 29 2009 8 am Bologna, Italy Locomotiv with Mike Watt
November 28 2009 8 am Vicenza, Italy Bar Sartea with Father Murphy
November 27 2009 8 pm San Martino Spino, Italy Tizio’s
November 25 2009 8 am Ferrara, Italy Zuni
November 24 2009 8 pm San Benedetto Del Tronto Pao
November 21 2009 8 am Giussago, Italy Ortosonico
November 18 2009 8 pm Barcelona, Spain Miscelanea
November 16 2009 8 pm Bordeaux, France PDG Bar
November 15 2009 8 pm Nantes, France Le Violon Dingue
November 14 2009 8 pm Brest, France Bodega Amaya
September 25 2009 8 pm Greenville, NC Tipsy Teapot
August 30 2009 5 pm Baltimore Floristree This is a festival with a ton of bands. It starts about 5pm and GtF is one of the first acts. Solo electric style set.
August 15 2009 10 pm Chapel Hill, NC The Nightlight
August 14 2009 8 pm Charlottesville, VA Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar
August 13 2009 9 pm Washington, DC Big Bear Cafe with BLDGS
August 12 2009 9 pm Baltimore, MD The Golden West
August 11 2009 8 pm Philadelphia, PA Danger Danger Gallery
August 10 2009 8 pm Lancaster, PA The Stomping Grounds w/ Ben Britten, and more
August 9 2009 9 pm Ridgewood, NY (barely in Queens) The Silent Barn with Child Bride, Yellow Crystal Star, Pink Reason
August 8 2009 7 pm New York, NY The Cakeshop Early All Ages Show!
August 7 2009 8 pm Bethlehem, PA New Madrid Faults Studio
August 6 2009 8 pm Pittsburgh, PA Gooski’s
August 5 2009 8 pm Dayton, OH Dayton Dirt Collective
August 4 2009 9 am Bloomington, IN Rachel’s Cafe
August 3 2009 7 pm Chicgao No Coast
August 2 2009 8 pm St. Louis, MO Lemp Arts
August 1 2009 9 pm Louisville, KY The Swan Dive
July 31 2009 8 pm Knoxville, TN The Pilot Light
July 30 2009 9 pm Asheville, NC Broadway’s
July 14 2009 7 pm Nashville, TN The Sky House
July 13 2009 8 pm St. Louis, MO Lemp Arts Center
July 12 2009 8 pm Columbia, MO Cafe Berlin w/ Jerusalem and the Starbaskets
July 12 2009 12 am Springfield, MO The Missouri House after the big show–house show
July 9 2009 9 pm Denver, CO Rhinoceropolis
July 4 2009 7 pm Provo, UT The Compound
July 3 2009 6 pm Boise, ID Babysale
June 21 2009 8 pm Portland, OR Failing House w/ Father Murphy, Shitty Beatles
May 31 2009 8 pm Portland, OR Backspace w/ Her Space Holiday, City Lights, Hot Victory
May 2 2009 8 pm Portland, OR Together Gallery w/ Bob Corn, Comaneci, Hammer of Hathor
March 26 2009 7 pm Portland The Artistery w/ Erika M. Anderson (Gowns) and the Some Dark Holler, Eternal Tapestry, Metal
March 11 2009 8 pm Redding, CA The Downtown Eatery
March 10 2009 9 pm Merced, CA The Partisan w/ Birds and Batteries
March 9 2009 9 pm Visalia, CA Cellar Door w/ Efterklang, Peter Broderick
March 8 2009 8 pm Bakersfield, CA Studio 99 w/ The Blufs
March 6 2009 8 pm Flagstaff, AZ 12 S. Pinegrove Rd.
March 5 2009 8 pm Prescott, AZ Catalyst Infoshop
March 4 2009 8 pm Tempe, AZ Trunkspace w/ Stephen Steinbrink and French Quarter, Hell-Kite, James Fella
March 3 2009 9 pm Tucson, AZ The Hangar
March 1 2009 9 pm San Diego, CA The Soda Bar
February 28 2009 8 pm Riverside, CA Back to the Grind w/ Jesus Makes the Shotgun Sound
February 27 2009 8 pm West Covina, CA Ports o’ Call Bedroom
February 26 2009 9 pm Los Angeles Echo Curio w/ Gowns, Gamble House
February 25 2009 8 pm Isla Vista, CA Biko Co-Op Garage Performance Space w/ Paleo, RF Maston
February 24 2009 9 pm San Francisco, CA Hemlock Tavern
February 23 2009 8 pm Oakland House of Nostromo w/ Inca Ore
February 22 2009 8 pm Davis, CA 802 Villanova Dr.
February 21 2009 8 pm Eugene, OR Stonehenge
February 20 2009 9 pm Portland, OR Backspace w/ Panther, Ohioan
January 25 2009 10 pm Portland, OR Valentine’s w/ Galveston, more
January 17 2009 10 pm Chapel Hill, NC The Nightlight
January 16 2009 8 pm Greensboro, NC 303 Mimosa Dr.
January 15 2009 8 am Asheville, NC Bobo Gallery
January 14 2009 10 pm Knoxville The Birdhouse w/ Eshka Paper
January 13 2009 9 pm Atlanta, GA The Eyedrum w/ Dan Hole Pond
January 12 2009 8 pm Athens, GA The Caledonia with Tunabunny, Sing iDog, Divers Songs
January 11 2009 9 pm Wilmington, NC The Soapbox w/ Adam Smith, The Harbor /ALL AGES
January 10 2009 9 pm Greenville, NC The Spazz Haus ALL AGES
January 9 2009 8 pm Lynchburg, VA Speakertree Records ALL AGES/ Suggested $5 donation
January 8 2009 8 pm Arlington, VA The Kansas House
January 7 2009 9 pm Lancaster, PA Chameleon Club in the “Lizard Lounge” w/ Ben Britten
January 6 2009 9 pm Philadelphia, PA Connie’s Ric Rac with U.S. Girls, Ben Britten /ALL AGES
January 5 2009 8 pm Brooklyn, NY Death By Audio (49 S. 2nd St.) ALL AGES, $7 w/ Hi Red Center, Charlie Looker
January 4 2009 8 pm Southington, CT The New Hawaii House (139 South End Rd.) ALL AGES/$5 Donation suggested
January 3 2009 8 pm Providence, RI White Electric Coffee
January 2 2009 8 pm New York, NY The Cakeshop w/ bella watt, fall of another year, wild blue yonder /$7, 21+ –Ghost to Falco plays second
January 1 2009 8 pm Portland, OR The Artistery Exotic Believers Record Release Show!
December 30 2008 10 pm Baltimore, MD The Golden West with Mellissa Moore, The Snails
November 15 2008 9 pm Portland, OR The Green Dragon with Cars and Trains/ Free!/ 21+
October 30 2008 12 pm Portland, OR Pacific Northwest College of Art Lunchtime show. 12:30 actually.
September 18 2008 7 pm Portland, OR 110 N. Failing w/ Father Murphy (from Italy), Shaky Hands ALL AGES/ $5 donation for touring band
August 16 2008 8 pm Port Townsend, WA The Boiler Room w/ Wooden Indian Burial Ground, The Unit Breed, Kalaloch $DONATIONS
July 25 2008 8 pm portland, OR Backspace (NW 5th + Couch) w/ Extra Life, Nat Baldwin, Flaspar
July 14 2008 10 pm portland, OR valentine’s (232 SW Ankeny) w/ Mattress
May 31 2008 8 pm Salt Lake City Boing House
May 9 2008 8 pm Portland, OR Backspace (NW 5th + Couch) IRPC benefit w/ Irestu, Hutch * Kathy (from the Thermals) ALL AGES $10 (includes concurrent show at Someday Lounge)
Thursday May 1st, 2008–PORTLAND, OR @ Rotture w/ Cryptacize (ex members of Deerhoof & The Curtains), Dead Science 9pm/21+/$7
Fri. April 4th, 2008–PORTLAND, OR @ The Doug Fir w/ Evangelista, American Music Club /9pm/21+
Wed. April 2nd, 2008–PORTLAND, OR @ The Artistery w/ Evangelista, Bob Jones /7pm/$5/ALL AGES

Midwestern Jaunt-WINTER 2008:

Mon. Mar. 3rd,–LEXINGTON, KY @ The Dame
Sun. Mar. 2nd–LOUISVILLE, KY @ Sleepy Giant (a house) W/Parade Schedule
Thurs. Feb. 28th-Sat. Mar. 1st–COLUMBIA, MO @ True/False Film Fest /playing everyday between Thursday & Saturday-check website for times and details
Wed. Feb. 27th–ST. LOUIS, MO @ Lemp Arts (3301 Lemp Ave.) w/Thankful Tree, Matt Dill /9pm/ALL AGES/$5
Tues. Feb. 26th–CHICAGO, IL @ The Empty Bottle (1035 N. Western Ave.) w/ Outpost, U.S. Girls /9pm/$7/21+
Mon. Feb. 25th–BLOOMINGTON, IN @ Cinemat (123 South Walnut Street) w/ Death from 1000 Years, Cup n’ String /9pm/$DONATIONS/ALL AGES
Sun. Feb. 24th–CINCINNATI, OH @ Murmur (2450 Beekman Avenue) w/ Romance of Young Tigers, Sean Ryan Woodward /8pm/ALL AGES/$5/
Sat. Feb. 23rd–SPRINGFIELD, OH @ Wittenburg University at Wally’s Pub (not actually a pub) /8pm/ ALL AGES/FREE
Fri. Feb. 22nd–GREENSBORO, NC @ 303 Mimosa Dr. (a house) w/ Rotten Milk, Al Burian /9:45pm/ALL AGES/$Donations
Wed. Jan. 16th, 2008–PORTLAND, OR @ Holocene w/ Jherek Bishchoff (of Dead Science), Modernstate $6// 21+ //9pm

East Coast – WINTER 2007:

S 12/22/07–Chapel Hill, NC @ The Nightlight w/ Horseback, Secret Boyfriend, Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III $5/ All Ages/10pm
S 12/16/07–Charlotte, NC @ Lunchbox Records (1419A Central Ave.) w/ Dylan Gilbert 8pm/ $3-5 /All Ages
S 12/15/07–Greensboro, NC @ New York Pizza w/ Morose Ghost, Atomic Johnny
F 12/14/07–Durham, NC @ Bull City HQ w/ Horseback
S 12/09/07–Greenville, SC @ R3VERB
S 12/08/07–Athens, GA @ Go Bar w/Smokedog, Suspenser & The Wickets
F 12/07/07–Chattanooga, TN @ Coffeeplace w/ Joshua Songs
R 12/06/07–Knoxville, TN @ The Pilot Light
W 12/05/07–Asheville, NC @ The Bobo Gallery
S 11/24/07–Portland, OR @ The Artistery w/ Au, Ohioan & Native Kin $4/All Ages/ 7:30pm
F 11/16/07–Portland, OR @ Someday Lounge w/ Shelley Short, Alexis Gideon $5/21+ 9pm
F 10/19/07–Portland, OR @ The Satyricon w/ Fall of Snow, Theart, His Name Shall Breathe/ ALL AGES
M 10/15/07–Portland, OR @ Valentine’s w/ Dragging an Ox through Water, AAN
F 10/05/07–Portland, OR @ Shane’s Barn w/ Rollerball, Death Worth Living, Woman Year, Mr. Frederick/ $$ for touring bands/ALL AGES
T 10/04/07–Portland, OR @ The Artistery w/ Mt. Eerie, The Mools(Japan) Doors 6:30/Show 7:00pm, ALL AGES, $6

9/20-9/30 West Coast tour with Dragging an Ox through Water

W 9/19/07–Salem, OR @ The Ikebox w/ Kalaloch
R 9/20/07–Eugene, OR @ Stonehenge (house)
F 9/21/07–Davis, CA @ The Delta of Venus w/ Ganglians
S 9/22/07–Oakland, CA @ John Benson’s Bus w/ Inca Ore, Lazarus, Modernstate, Barn Owl
S 9/23/07–San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern w/ The Enablers
M 9/24/07–Santa Cruz, CA @ Caffe Pergolesi
T 9/25/07–Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell w/ Pegasissy
R 9/27/07–Santa Barbara, CA @ The Pink Mailbox House
F 9/28/07–Merced, CA @ The Olive House w/ Radioactive Cauliflower, more
S 9/29/07–San Jose @ Anno Domini w/The Experience, Haunted Haus
S 9/30/07–Redding, CA @ Tehama Initiative

M 9/10/07–Portland, OR @ Brain Stains (3535 N. Lombard) w/ Alina Simone, Swallows
M 8/06/07–Portland, OR @ Valentine’s w/ Ohioan
S July 28th–CHICAGO, IL @ South Union Arts w/ Scalpels, Red Pony Clock
T July 26th–COLUMBIA, MO @ The Eastside w/ Jerusalem and the Starbaskets, Flowers
S 7/22/07–St. Louis, MO @ Lemp Arts Center–Final Reception (Ghost to Falco performs music composed over the coursE of the workshop) w/ High Places
R 7/19/07–St. Louis, MO @ Lemp Arts Center–Open Forum Q&A/Discussion
S 7/15/07–St. Louis, MO @ Lemp Arts Center–MUSIC RESIDENCY INAUGARATION w/The Man and the Scientist

Back to the USA

S 7/14/07–BROOKLYN, NY @ Lutheran Church of the Messiah/129 Russell St @ Nassau | Greenpoint, Brooklyn G-Nassau or L-Graham | 8pm | all ages | $tba |BYOB/not religion affiliated/ with Katie Eastburn (of Young People), Polite Sleeper

European Tour 2007

These dates are written Euro style with the date first and the month second

ITALIAN AND GERMAN TOUR–All of June, a little of July, and one day of May, 2007

12.07 STUTTGART (germany) @ ffus w/ bob corn
06.07 BERLIN (germany) @ antje oeklesund w/ bob corn
05.07 FRANKFURT (germany)@ Clubkeller FFM w/ bob corn
**All shows down to 31.05 took place in Italy*
03.07 SPILAMBERTO (mo) @ friction festival w/ bob corn
01.07 MARINA DI MASSA (ms) @ tago mago (TAGOFEST!)
25.06 Castelfranco Veneto @ Oficina di Buena Ventura 24.06 TARCENTO (UD) @ hybrida
23.06 BOLOGNA @ villa serena w/ a hawk and a hacksaw
22.06 SENIGALLIA (AN) @ l’orgia del marinaio gaio festival
21.06 FIRENZE @ tan gran
20.06 PESARO (PU) @ plastic music store
16.06 SAN MARTINO SECCHIA (MO) @ rottura del silenzio festival
15.06 AVELLINO @ garage records
14.06 PUTIGNANO (BA) @ jahjazz
12.06 POTENZA @ sottapera
10.06 LAMEZIA @ banshee
09.06 marina di gioiosa j @ blue dhalia
07.06 TERNI @ fat
06.06 POPPI (AR) @ birrificio atlantic oil
05.06 MASSA @ tagomago
03.06 SAN MARTINO SPINO (MO) @ a minor place festival #2
02.06 MIRANDOLA (MO) @ aquaragia
01.06 FERRARA @ zuni
31.05 MILANO @ scalo dieci

Thursday May 24th, 2007–New York, NY @ The Cake Shop w/ (8pm)This Frontier Needs Heroes,(9pm)Barkus Born, (10pm)Ghost to Falco, (11pm)Zachary Cale +$7 +21+

Friday May 18th, 2007–Portland, OR @ Valentine’s w/ Argumentix, Bird Costumes +8pm +FREE+ ALL AGES

Wednesday May 9th, 2007–Portland, OR @ Holocene w/ Black Acid Laser, Skeletons & King of All Cities

Saturday April 14th, 2007–Portland, OR @ The Artistery w/ The Shaky Hands, Evolutionary Jass Band, Adrian Orange $6/All Ages/8pm

Friday March 23rd, 2007–Portland, OR @ The Artistery (SE 43rd and Division) w/ MVP (from Denver) & Ocean Beach (made up of a Yellow Swan, a Grouper, and a Ghosting)//all ages//$6//8:30pm

Wednesday March 21st, 2007–Eugene, OR @ Luckey’s w/ Sukey Tawdry, Back in the Dark

Sunday March 11th, 2007–Portland, OR @ 2136 NE 19th Ave (house) HOUSEMATE SOLO PROJECT BRUNCH SHOW w/ Argumentix, Bird Costumes, Dragging an Ox Through Water//11:00am for food_11:30am for musics//all ages// Free if you bring food or $3 if you don’t

Saturday March 10th, 2007–Portland, OR @ The Someday Lounge w/ Dead Science, Parenthetical Girls, Sholi //9:30pm//21+//$6

Sunday February 25th, 2007–Seattle, WA @ The Vera Project w/ Mt. Eerie, Holy Ghost Revival, Tiny Vipers, Yacht // 7:30 pm //all ages//FREE!!!

FEBRUARY 1ST, 2007–Ghost to Falco live on the Portland radio station KBOO (90.7 FM)from 11pm-Midnight

JANUARY 20TH, 2007 –Portland, OR @ Rotture w/ Wet Confetti, Leti Angel, Kickball (olympia)

JANUARY 6TH, 2007 — Portland, OR — Children of the Revolution Festival @ Audiocinema w/ Yellow Swans, 31 Knots, Argumentix, Shaky Hands, Fleshtone, Glass Candy, Danava, and more

December 2006 SouthEast Coast

7 — Chapel Hill, NC @ The Nightlight w/ Upsidedown Stars, Erie Choir –10pm $5
8 — Asheville, NC @ El Nuevo w/ Hope and Anchor –8pm $5
9 — Athens, GA @ The Caledonia w/ The Emery Reel, Ham 1 –10pm $5
10 — Panama City, FL @ The Gallery Above Art Space (563 Harrison Ave.) w/ Lightning Paw, Smoke Signals et al. –8pm
11 — Pensacola, FL @ The Factory (422 N. Palafox) w/ Smoke Signals et al.
12 — Gainesville, FL @ Wayward Council w/ Snare and a Chair, Boy + Girl, Lightning Paw $5
13 — Ybor City (near Tampa), FL @ New World Brewery (1313 E. 8th Ave.) w/ King of Spain, The Seahorse Orchestra, The Lush Progress –8pm $5
15 — Miami @ Cornerstone (2013 N. Miami) w/ Stevie B., Omar Roquel
16 — Orlando, FL @ Stardust Coffee (1842 East Winter Park Rd.) w/ Jeanie and the Tits, Lightning Paw, The Sounds Trains Make –9:30pm $3-5
18 — St. Augustine,FL @ The Warehouse (5035 US 1 South) w/ Lightning Paw, Solid Pony
19 — Savannah, GA @ (233 Abercorn St.) w/ Lightning Paw, Solid Pony $$Bring Donations
20 — Raleigh, NC @ 1304 Flint Pl. w/ The Manics, Bermuda Triangle –9pm $$Bring donations

Sat. September 16th – Portland, OR @ Rotture (Above Loveland on SE 2nd) w/ Old Time Relijun, Creeping Nobodies


Sun. August 27th – Brooklyn, NY @ Eat Records (124 Messerole – Greenpoint) w/ Dragging an Ox Through Water Wed. August 23rd – Brooklyn, NY @ Goodbye Blue Monday (1087 Broadway – Bushwick) w/ Zachary Cale, The Suckers!

August 14th – Barcelona, Spain @ Bar Heliogabal w/ Wiseacre
August 11th – Bordaux, France @ El Inca
August 10th – Bordeaux, France @ El Inca
July 26th – Tarcento, Italy @ Hybrida
July 8th – Petit Fays, Belgium–Petit Fays Festival w/ Ramona Cardova, Guillame Maupin, Troy Van Balthazar



29–Olympia @ ABC House w/ Lake, Viking Moses
28–OLYMPIA @ The Witch house
27–Spokane @ The 40 Everyday House w/ Numbers Like Dinosaurs, Grand Color Crayon
25–Billings, MT @ Eleven11 w/ Russian Circles
23–Rapid City, SD @ St. Joe Pub (710 St. Joseph St.) w/ Bristle, Disorderly
22–Madison @ The King Club w/ The Window Smashers
21–Chicago @ Sylvie’s
20–Bloomington @ Boxcar Books
18–Columbus @ The Hi-Five
17–Pittsburgh @ The Quiet Storm
16–Brooklyn @ Goodbye Blue Monday w/ Hell’s Hills, Talibam
14–Boston, MA @ The Great Scott w/ Your Black Star, Hi Red Center
13–Albany, NY @ 98 Grand (a house)
12–Easthampton, MA @ The Flywheel w/ Hi Red Center, others TBA
11–NYC @ The Cakeshop w/ Taigaa
10–New Brunswick, NJ @ Southwest Burrito (10 Easton Ave.) w/the sunshine will, the vandelles, rapid cities
9–Arlington, VA @ The Kansas House (900 N. Kansas St.) w/ The Creeping Nobodies, Sentai, Video Hippos
7–Chapel Hill @ the Nightlight 9pm $3-$5 w/ Natasha, Planecrash, Secret Boyfriend
4–Asheville, NC @ Broadway’s (113 Broadway St. (828)285-0400)) 10pm $4 w/ The Neighbours
3–Louisville @ The Old Louisville Coffeehouse w/ Keenan Lawler, Kangaroo
2–St. Louis @ Lemp Arts Center
1–Columbia, MO @ Ragtag Cinema Cafe w/ Jon Sheffield and others


31–Kansas City @ The Icehouse -7pm w/Ashley Miller
30–Omaha @ Oleaver’s
*24th-29th shows are all with Two Percent Majesty*
29–Denver @ Rhinoceropolis (3553 Brighton Blvd)
28–Grand Junction, CO @ The Bistro (1505 Chipeta Ave.) 8pm
27–SLC @ Todd’s (1015s 300w) w/ Cart
26–Boise @ Elk (605 N. 27th St.) 7pm w/ Pussygut and others
25–La Grande, OR @ The Gadfly 7pm
24–Portland, OR @ Food Hole w/ Argumentix


Monday 4/17/06—Portland, OR @ Tube \free \10:30pm Ghost to Falco/Argumentix collaboration set w/ Snakes

Saturday 4/15/06—Portland, OR @ We Quit’s house (4025 SE Sherman) 8pm \$5 \all ages w/ Argumentix (James Squeaky!), Th’iss (Zach Von Joo!), We Quit! (Cool Kids!)

Friday 4/14/06–Seattle @ The Vera Project \8pm \$9/$8 with Vera ID card w/ Scout Niblett, Emma Zunz

Friday 3/31/06–Portland, OR @ The Artistery (4315 SE Division) 7:30pm \$4 \all ages w/ 2% Majesty & Alec K. Redfearn (Providence)


*The shows from 3/14 thru 3/18/06 were with The Shaky Hands*

Saturday 3/18–Ashland, OR @ Louie’s -all ages-
Friday 3/17–Santa Cruz @ The Warehouse -all ages-
Thursday 3/16–Oakland @ The Purple House (5716 Genoa) early $5 all ages w/ Kickball, Treehugger
Wednesday 3/15–San Francisco @ The Hemlock Tavern (1131 Polk Street @ Post) 9:30pm $6 w/ Murder Murder, Ettrick, Leavenworth
Tuesday 3/14–Davis @ G Street Pub (KDVS night-228 G Street) 9pm $5 21+


*1/27/06-2/4/06 shows with Thanksgiving*
Saturday 2/4/06–Portland, OR @ Reeed College w/ Adam Gnade
Monday 1/30/06–Seattle @ S.S. Mari Antoinette w/ Dead Science
Sunday 1/29/06–Vancouver, B.C. @ The Video In w/ Yukon, The Winks
Saturday 1/28/06–Anacortes @ Department of Safety w/ Mt. Eerie
Friday 1/27/06–Olympia @ The Yes Yes Alliance w/ Eli Moore


1/11/06–Portland, OR @ Holocene 9:30pm, 21+(sorry), $5 w/Chevron, Kickball, We Quit

Friday 12/30/05–Chapel Hill, NC (solo acoustic) @ The Nightlight (405 1/2 Rosemary St.) 9:30pm, All Ages, not more than $5 probably more like $3 w/ Planecrash, maybe others


West Tour:

Monday October 24th, 2005 Oakland, CA @ Mama Buzz Cafe (2318 Telegraph) 6:30 pm, All Ages, $5 w/ Atman the Sibling, Ettrick

Sunday October 23rd, 2005 San Francisco, CA @ 2971 24th St. (backyard show) 4pm, All Ages, $ donations w/ The Sunward Spike, & 5 more bands

Saturday October 22nd, 2005 Davis, CA @ 324 University Ave. (house) 8pm, All Ages, $5 w/ Bulbs, one more band

Friday October 21st, 2005 Fallon, NV @ Jive N’ Java (1805 W. Williams Ave) 8pm, All Ages, $5

Wednesday October 19th, 2005 Boise, ID @ The Yosada House (405 Ada St.) 7pm, All Ages, $5 w/ Monster Dudes, Lowbelly

Tuesday October 18th, 2005 La Grande, Oregon @ The Mercantile (1315 Adams Ave.) 8pm, All Ages, $ Donations

Monday October 17th, 2005 Portland, Oregon @ Food Hole (NW 3rd Avenue next door to Tube) 9 pm (sharp!), All Ages $5 w/ Two Percent Majesty, The Shaky Hands


Mon. August 9th, 2005–Portland, Oregon @ Food Hole 9pm, All Ages, $5 w/Telepathe, Counterfeit Monsters(updated)

April 2005–California Tour with Two Percent Majesty

Portland @ Hotel
Arcata @ The Placebo
Oakland @ A House
L.A. @ The Smell w/ Cloudshirt, Emergency Ensemble
San Diego @ Scolari’s Office
Bakersfield @ The Boiler Room w/ Sex With Girls, Child Pornography, more
Merced @ The Mainzer w/ Defeating Myself
San Francisco @ The Hemlock w/ Real Live Tigers

June 2004-April 2005–A few Portland and Seattle shows

March-June 2004–Two month U.S. tour

5/30/04-Boise @ Jordan’s House w/ Monster Dudes, Pussygut
5/29/04-Salt Lake City @ The Deseret Lounge
5/28/04-Grand Junction, CO @ the sculpture studio
5/27/04-Denver @ 15th St. Tavern w/ Robot Mandula
5/24/04-Tulsa @ A House w/ Timo Sucio
Denton @ Coffeeshop
Denton @ Mable Peabody’s w/ the Jackson 8
Shreveport @ Minicine
Jackson, TN @ Old Hickory Collective
Murfreesboro, TN @ The Boro w/ Clist
St. Louis @ Lemp Arts Center w/ Days and Nights in the Skeleton Crew
Columbia,MO @ The Ragtag Cinema Cafe w/ Jon Sheffield
Minneappolis @ ?? There was a last minute show at some variety night
Madison @ Gallery 113 w/ Ova, Happy Mother’s Day I Can’t Read, Clay Ruby
Chicago @ The Texas Ballroom w/ The Sunday Toredowns
Bloomington @ Boxcar Books w/ Russian Tsarcasm, DJ Sony Playstation
5/07/04Detroit @ The Garden Bowl w/ The Skinny Fists
5/06/04-Dayton @ James’ House
5/05/04-Dayton @ Cannon Arts Collective w/ On, Yes Collapse
5/04/04-Pittsburgh @ Sparklepussy Castle w/ Hooliganship
5/03/04-NYC @ Lit Lounge w/Fear and Trembling
5/02/04-Boston @ The Hoss House
5/01/04-Providence@ The Cemetary House w/ Fern Knight, Alec K. Redfearn and the Eyesores
4/30/04-Easthampton @ the Flywheel
4/29/04-Brooklyn @ Tommy’s Tavern w/ Death From Above, Hamburger, Tunnel of Love
4/28/04-Baltimore @ the Talking Head w/ Dig Shovel Dig, Wax and Wane, Carter Tannon
4/29/04-DC @ Warehouse Next Door w/ The Creeping Nobodies, Sentai
4/17/04-Chapel Hill @ The Night Light w/ Manband
4/16/04-Greensboro @ Gate City Noise w/ Manband, Manamid
4/14/04-Asheville @ Vincent’s Ear w/ Dig Shovel Dig, Manband
4/10/04-Knoxville, TN @ The Pilot Light w/ Manband
4/09/04-Athens @ the Caledonia
4/08/04-Birmingham @ Cave 9 w/ Cock ESP
4/06/04-Houston @ The Polk St. Warehouse
4/02/04-Phoenix @ an art gallery
4/01/04- San Diego @ The Mustache House
3/31/04-LA @ The Smell
3/30/04-Merced @ La Cantina w/ P:ano, Anntenas Erupt
3/29/04-Oakland @ Grandma’s House w/ Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Felicia and Cocktopus
3/28/04-Davis @ The D.A.M. House w/ Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
3/27/04-Chico @ Moxie’s
3/26/04-Corvallis @ Rick’s House

June 2003-March 2004–Various Portland and Seattle shows…

June 2003–California Tour with Dead Western

San Francisco was booked but the van broke
Merced, CA @ The Mainzer Theater w/ Deerhoof, Ilya
L.A. @ Spaceland w/ Midnight Movies, The Dears
Sacramento @ Coffeeshop (can’t remember) w/ Corpse Fucks Corpse, Plot to Blow Up the Eifel Tower
Chico @ Coffeeshop (can’t remember) w/ Bobby Birdman

May 2002-June 2003–A bunch of Portland shows

April 2002–West Coast Tour

Eugene @ Wow Hall w/ World Inferno Friendship Sociey
Merced @ House SHOW
Merced @ Wired w/ Radioactive Cauliflower
San Francisco @ Kimo’s w/ The Curtains
Oakland @ The Stork Club w/ Deerhoof, Low Flying Owls
L.A. @ Cobalt Cafe
San Diego @ Some Cafe
San Diego @ Gelatto Vero
Prescott, AZ @ a coffeehop
Denver @ Linoleum Gallery w/ Cockfight, Page 27, Avocado Cabal
Grand Junction, CO @ The Pop Up House
Salt Lake City @ Kilby Court

December? 2001–Portland, OR @ The Blackbird w/ Glacier Park & The Forty-First

October 2001 –cross country moving “tour”

An L.A. suburb near Thousand Oaks, CA @ A kid’s garage
Lubbock, TX @ A record store
Shreveport, LA @ The College Radio Station HQ
17(?)–(1st show ever) Athens, GA @ The Engine Room w/ The White Octave, Sorry About Dresden, Hunter Gatherer