5/4/14 Albany, NY – Upstate Artists Guild (Weaver solo drum&drone) w/ Hot Spot


5/15/14 – Albany, NY – The Low Beat w/ Liv Carrow
5/16/14 – Peterborough, NH – Toadstool Bookshop w/ Passerine, Cloud Watchers
5/17/14 – Biddeford, ME – the Oak & the Ax
5/18/14 – Winooski, VT – Monkey House w/ Eastern Mountain Time
5/22/14 – Beckett, MA – the Dreamaway Lodge
5/24/14 – Harrisburg, PA – Little Amps w/ Indian Burn
5/26/14 – Lexington, KY – the Green Lantern
5/27/14 – Bloomington, IN – The Bishop Bar
5/28/14 – Nashville, TN – Betty’s Bar
5/29/14 – Asheville, NC – the Mothlight w/ Wes Tirey, Drunken Prayer
5/31/14 – Philadelphia, PA – Rigby Mansion
6/1/14 – NYC – Baby’s Alright
6/2/14 – NYC – Cake Shop


“The sound of a man who knows what home sounds like but can’t quite find it for himself, Weaver’s release I Am A Flower (perhaps online only?) roots around the world of an artist with no pretense, and, sadly, seemingly very little presence – online or otherwise; the incarnation of a musician who can’t help but be a musician. I imagine it’d be torture for him to not write and record the songs on I Am a Flower (and his subsequent bandcamp releases, as I seem to be late to the game).

His lyrics are like that of a hermitic, working class man, moonlighting as a genealogist with a penchant for the peculiar moments that hide like rotting apples behind turning leaves on the branches of an unmapped family tree. He carries the echo of ghosts in the closet, just close enough you have to hear. And right when he calms you, both in his voice and the [perfectly] low-fi percussive accompanying orchestration, he depresses the lever on your chair like a dentist, shortly after the teeth have been extracted: as the anesthetics wear off, you are forced to face the afternoon sunlight through the venetian blinds from the parking lot of a strip mall; you don’t get dropped to the ground, but you are slowly lowered, quite disoriented, and you’re gonna just have to stand up, shell out your co-pay, and drive home, knowing you’re in pain – and you’ll continue to be in pain for quite some time – but you get to go home now. Everything’s gonna turn out okay. At least you got the some of the rot out of your mouth.”

5/5 – Zack Miller, 2012, WMUA 91.1, UMass Amherst