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I Could Be Girl For You -CDEP

Review: Aan, I Could Be Girl For You

I decided to write this review based on the strength of the single “Wet and Dripping” from promising Pacific Northwesterners Aan (pronounced “on”). After 90 seconds of sparse pitch singing, light guitar arpeggios, electronic ambience and slight gradual increases in tempo, all delicate and floaty, W&D punches you in the face with a howling, thumping rager. I thought the long, delicate intro was a pretty incredible psych-out. But it wasn’t. It was the truth. After Aan get the fire out of their system, their EP, I Could Be Girl For You, blossoms into lush and charming psych-folk, at times swampy and twangy, and altogether charming/ambient. Track to track, the songs dramatically vary in mood and length and more than once move between song-sections with moments of silence, like they are suites instead of verses and choruses. The EP really succeeds due to the environment that each song builds, by way of lo-fidelity charm, room feel, and stuttering electronics. It is a perfect palette for the bi-polar folk and psychedelic nuances (including a surprising amount of high-in-the-mix bird sounds). The EP is also full of compelling vocal performances by band founder Bud Wilson, who seems to travel easily between a whisper and yelp.

Standout track “Toy” is the best culmination of the different things the EP has to offer, and features a lot of awesome, teen-mean lyrics.

RIYL: The Robot Ate Me/Ryland Bouchard, Atlas Sound

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