OHIOAN is back from the January West Coast tour. Lots of great memories and love from all peoples.
Highlights: cops broke up the Flagstaff houseshow 2.5 songs in, arrested the tenants. Then the audience helped us carry gear down the street and set up a different house. Rocking recommenced. Played a drone set at a yoga class in Prescott, then brought the yoga folk to our rockshow house party later that night, and everyone got a full-spectrum chakra cleansing. Denied entry into Canada due to criminal records, instead went to Bellingham, WA, crashed a Battle of the Bands, and won the hearts of “The City of Subdued Excitement”. Sam led an “experimental yoga” class at a record store in Portland, leading showgoers through the “Jimi sutra” and “dogward down”. Completely remodeled minds at a basement show in Portland, 2 encores and screams of “fuuuuuuuuuck yessssss!”

Here’s a clip from the homecoming show in Tucson:

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